Air Pollution 空氣污染

Kids Dada

What happened to Jessie?

Jessie 怎麼了?

Mango the Cat 芒果小貓

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Read this comic strip and learn how to introduce a new friend to an old friend!


Chinese Lion Dances in New York City 中國舞獅在紐約

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Chinese people love the image of the lion. Maybe this is because of the lion’s strength. But also, Chinese people believe that lion dances bring good luck.


The Circus 馬戲團

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The world is changing so fast. But one thing has stayed the same for hundreds of years- the circus! There are still trained elephants, daring horseback riders and bold trapeze artists. The costumes are still beautiful. And, of course, there will always be clowns.


布魯克林的 Coco Coco from Brooklyn

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2008年的一月,Coco 的媽媽生了三胞胎。 剛出生的小松鼠寶寶像極了迷你小猴子。8個星期後媽媽決定離開三個寶寶。不久之後其中的兩個寶寶也離開了。只有不敢爬樹的 Coco 還留在媽媽築的窩裡。

In January of 2008, Coco’s Mom gave birth to triplets. The newborn baby squirrels look a lot like miniature monkeys. 8 weeks later, Mom decided to leave her three babies. Not long after, the other babies also left. Only Coco remained, not daring to climb the trees, staying in the nest Mom built.

慶祝新年的櫥窗 New Year’s Celebration Windows

Kids Dada


Every year before Christmas, many department stores and shops do beautiful window displays. Besides the competition among the stores, these displays attract people from all over the world.

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