Chinese Lion Dances in New York City 中國舞獅在紐約

Kids Dada

Chinese people love the image of the lion. Maybe this is because of the lion’s strength. But also, Chinese people believe that lion dances bring good luck.


Westerners do not have the same belief, but they still enjoy the lion dance. They love the music and the energy of the dance. And they marvel at the colorful lion costume.


1. A beautiful day for a lion dance in New York City’s Chinatown
1. 今天是個很適合在紐約中國城舞獅的好天氣

2. Wherever the lion goes, a crowd will follow.
2. 不管舞獅走到哪兒,人群總會跟到哪兒。

3. Little ones like to be in the front with the lion.
3. 小孩們最喜歡走在獅子的前面。