Executive Assistant / Martina Paredes
Pei Ying is a creative graphic designer and professional business woman. She offers innovative marketing ideas and is very knowledgeable about how to provide excellent customer service.
Co Principal at Lateral Strategies / Esther Farmer
Pei Ying is extremely knowledgeable in her field and doesn't stop until the job is finished. In addition she is a true artist and has a brilliant sense of design. Working with her is a joy. I recommend her highly.
CIO, 21st Century CommunIT Solutions / Cornell Green
I referred a personal friend and colleague to Pei Ying's Studio Spirito for website development a few years ago.

Not only did Pei Ying do an excellent job at a reasonable price: they got along so well (communicating by telephone between NY... read more
Margo Grant / Freelance ESL editor; Instructor at Long Island Business Institute
Pei Ying helped me to conceptualize the service I wanted to advertize and created a beautiful finished product.