Studio Spirito is a proud supporter of these organisations.

All Stars Project, Inc.(ASP)
The All Stars Project, Inc. (ASP) is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting human development through the use of an innovative performance-based model. The ASP creates outside of school, educational and performing arts activities for thousands of poor and minority young people. It sponsors community and experimental theatre, develops leadership training and pursues volunteer initiatives that build and strengthen communities.
Castillo Theatre
Located in the All Stars Project’s performing arts and development center in the heart of New York’s theatre district on West 42nd Street, the Castillo Theatre has produced over 175 productions, from multicultural and avant-garde plays to musical theatre and performance art. In each of its diverse productions, Castillo provides a creative environment in which people of all ages can produce and experience theatre that deals with contemporary and historical social issues.
The East Side Institute
Headquartered in New York City, the East Side Institute is a vibrant learning community with a conversational model of learning and teaching. Through both online and NYC-based courses, study and training programs, international events and scholarly writings, the Institute has introduced thousands of educators, mental health and medical workers, scholars and community organizers to the most successful and cutting-edge approaches to tap, re-ignite and support the kind of human creativity, performance and developmental play so desperately needed if people are to transform the world.
The New York City Organizations of the Independence Party
The New York City organizations of the Independence Party set out 15 years ago with a simple idea: To create a new and independent reform movement of New Yorkers from all walks of life. Partisan politics holds back positive development in our city. It’s that simple. We are a new kind of minor party that is genuinely independent, built from the bottom up and not tied to the Democratic and Republican parties (which the other minor parties are, big time!).
The Heart Gallery NYC
Heart Gallery volunteers and staff collaborate with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services to create ongoing Heart Gallery exhibits that travel throughout the five boroughs. The exhibits, featuring beautiful, compelling portraits of New York City children taken by award-winning photographers, raise awareness of the needs of children in foster care, and assist in realizing their dreams of finding “forever families.”
Lenape Center
Lenape Center ltd. is a non-profit organization based in the ancestral Lenape island of Manhattan whose mission is to promote Lenape language and the creation, development, distribution and exhibition of Lenape arts and culture; thus building a pathway for Indigenous people between inherited cultural traditions and the dynamic innovations of contemporary global society.