Executive Director at Heart Gallery NYC / Laurie Sherman Graff
Pei Ying is a dedicated non profit provider, and I enjoy working with her on projects. She is trustworthy and reliable, and I recommend her services. www.heartgallerynyc.org
Nyla Noor Inc. / Romaana Zia, Founder
Pei and the whole Studio Spirito team were an amazing help to us when we really needed it. The team was incredibly responsive to our technical issues and worked expeditiously to resolve everything. They were so courteous and were quick to help us during a time of increased traffic on our site,... read more
Le Décor Français / Hadrien Coumans, Principal
Pei has a rare talent of providing web design through the art of truly listening to her clients and understanding the many dimensions of a business and its needs. Her professionalism, elegance and ease make the experience of working with a web design company rewarding and very positive.
Television Producer & Documentary Filmmaker, Istanbul and New York Selcuk Oksuzoglu
Pei Ying designed a website memorial to my wife, producing a beautiful design in the short time I had. She is a true artist; the work she did for me is not mechanical or cold, but a heart-warming, living entity, beyond my expectations, beyond the job requirements. Moreover, she continues to check... read more